Tuesday, 28 April 2015

BritYarn Launch Date

Hi! I hope you are all well.  I know many of you have been waiting a few months for this to be revealed so, without further a do, here it is.

BritYarn will open its virtual doors on Tuesday 2nd June 2015.  

In case your wondering BritYarn's wonderful logo (and business cards) was designed by Melly-Em Clark, a Lincoln based illustrator.  Melly-Em has an Etsy store and can be found on Twitter @mellyemclark 

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Monday, 27 April 2015

Hello and Welcome to BritYarn

A very big, warm and British woolly welcome to BritYarn's first blog post.  BritYarn's online shop will be launching soon (details will be announced in the next few weeks), but first I wanted to formally introduce myself and BritYarn to you all. 

My name is Isla and I live in North Lincolnshire.  I am an avid knitter (and have some basic crochet skills). I will knit anything as long as I love the pattern and the wool (life is to short to knit things you don't like in my opinion).  I like to have several projects on the go including a garment of some description and socks.  

I started to take an interest in finding out where the wool I was buying came from in 2013 as my knowledge of knitting and wool increased. This led me to discovering Ravelry, blogs and podcasts including Knit British by Louise Scollay.  The rest as they say is history!  

BritYarn will be an online shop and will focus on celebrating and sharing my love of British wool.  Following this theme, BritYarn will only stock wool that has only been grown in Great Britain (including the Falkland Islands).  BritYarn will also highlight the journey the wool had made before it ends up on your needles, hooks or looms.  There will be blog posts, tweets and Instagram posts about the wool, the sheep and the people involved in the different processes to share our love of British wool. 

BritYarn will also bring you stunning patterns and books from British based designers, stitch markers and project bags.  All supporting British based businesses.  BritYarn's 'Woolly Principles' underline everything that BritYarn does.

So, to bring you up to date, over the last two months lots of extremely large boxes have been arriving. I have been taking advantage of dry, bright days to take photos for the website. On dull days I have been busy at the laptop writing things up and getting everything ready. There are still a few more pretties to arrive but as I type I am surrounded by an amazing and diverse range of British wool!  It makes me smile just looking at it and I cannot wait to share them with you.  

Here is little sneak peek of what is on the shelves.  Apologies for the wobbly video..... 

You might recognise a few things but expect to see rare British sheep breeds, interesting blends and a selection of yarn in the ever popular Bluefaced Leicester.  There is also some very special British wool in an exclusive range of colourways!  Did you spot one of them?

Well I think that is me done for now.  You can subscribe to the blog through the email sign up option or via Bloglovin. You can also follow BritYarn on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news and to share your British woolly projects.  Links can be found on the right hand side. I would love to chat with you and to hear what you are making with your British wool.  

Lets celebrate and share our love of British wool together!
The best of woolly wishes to you all