Monday, 4 May 2015

BritYarn's Woolly Principles

Hello!  Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments and sign ups following BritYarn's first blog post.  The love for British wool is strong!

I mentioned in the first post that BritYarn was guided by 'Woolly Principles' and I wanted to share these with you.  They are at the heart of everything BritYarn does.  

BritYarn’s Woolly Principles
  • First and foremost, BritYarn must love it if we’re going to stock it. We believe in using materials and patterns we love, to create beautiful, long-lasting items.
  • BritYarn embraces provenance. It’s hugely important to us to know, as far as possible, the origins of our products and to share these details with our customers. BritYarn will clearly outline where the wool was spun and dyed; some wool may be spun or dyed outside of Britain, and if it is, we’ll tell you. It’s all about being able to trace the journey of the product and make informed choices.
  • BritYarn’s definition of “British” includes British Overseas Territories (e.g. The Falkland Islands). 
  • BritYarn celebrates the British Wool industry. Wool content in a yarn must be 100% British grown.  Any natural fibres (where present) in a blend, e.g. linen, will comprise a maximum of 50% of the total content.  Synthetic material (where present) in a blend, e.g. nylon will comprise a maximum of 25% of the total content.
  • BritYarn supports British businesses. Wool, patterns and accessories as well as business support will be sourced exclusively from British suppliers. We believe in shopping local and helping to sustain British businesses.
If a product does not meet our Woolly Principles then BritYarn will not stock it!

A little peek

It is a month to go until we launch on Tuesday 2nd June!  The best of woolly wishes to you all.


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    1. Thanks Annie. I think its really important for everyone to understand what BritYarn means by British wool. There are so many variations out there it can be a bit of a minefield.