Monday, 21 September 2015

What socks it all about......

It's not long before we all cast on our socks for the Great British Socks Away KAL, we have some great prizes lined up which I will reveal once we have got under way.  

In the mean time I have asked some of my favourite designers and sock knitting friends to share why they love knitting and / or designing socks.....   

Stumpy on Ravelry

"I love to knit socks because I love to wear them and they are a very portable project."

Joeli from Joeli's Kitchen
"I love to knit socks because they are quick, mindless, always fit and are one million times better than store bought socks."

Pheasant Vanilla socks in WYS Signature Birds
Mazzy AKA Mazknitter on Ravelry

“I love to knit socks because there’s such variety in design, texture and colour. I can wear something that I’ve hand-knitted almost every day of the year and don’t have to obsess about whether they ‘go with my wardrobe’ because even if they’re a bit bright and quirky I can wear them secretly inside boots, where they’re not seen but I still know that they’re there. I love knitting my own socks because they last so much longer than shop-bought (even if 100% wool ones sometimes need a lot of TLC and darning): some of my hand-knitted socks are easily over 20 years old and still getting regular wear. And, finally, I love to knit socks on buses because when I do it then people talk to me because they’re intrigued by all those little needles and the idea of ‘turning a heel’.”

Louise Tilbrook
"I love to design socks because they are the perfect, portable project. A small canvas on which to unleash your creativity and you have a fabulous giftable item at the end."
Planum Socks
Clare Devine's Sock Anatomy
in The Knitting Goddess Britsock 

Shelley AKA All4meggomoo on Ravelry 
"I love knitting socks because they are a portable project & because the patterns and designs are endless meaning you have a truly unique pair of socks."

Clare Devine  
“I love designing and knitting socks because of the many ingenious ways a sock can be constructed. I love experimenting with heels and toes and always enjoy finding a new way to adjust socks for the perfect fit"  

Kate AKA Katestwirl on Ravelry
"I love knitting socks because they’re portable enough to knit on the commute (even if you don’t get a seat) and because I’m ever so slightly addicted to self striping yarns."

Do you love to knit or design socks?  Or perhaps you have not yet been bitten by the sock knitting bug..... let us know!  If you fancy joining the Great British Socks Away KAL the sign up thread is still open.


  1. I love to knit socks - there is such a variety of textures, patterns, colours and structures. They don't take forever, unlike some sweaters, and they make great gifts.

    1. Yes the possibilities are endless! I must start Mr BritYarn's Christmas socks soon........