Thursday, 1 October 2015

Britsock by The Knitting Goddess Yarn of the Month October 2015

One of my favourite hand dyed sock yarns is Britsock by The Knitting Goddess.  

Britsock Multi Colours
Britsock is not your run of the mill (no pun intended!) British sock yarn..... it is custom spun in Devon for The Knitting Goddess and is a wonderful blend of 40% Bluefaced Leicester, 20% Wensleydale, 20% Alpaca and 20% British Nylon.    

Joy, the the super talented lady behind The Knitting Goddess, really has an eye for putting different colours together.  You can tell I am a bit in love can't you.......  Britsock comes in semi solid, multi colours (variegated) and self striping options.  

Britsock is a smooth yarn to work with, making your knitting or crochet just speed by.  I loved knitting my Planum socks, a pattern in Sock Anatomy by Clare Devine, and seeing how the different shades appear. 

The yarn produces a really soft but strong fabric, with a slight halo.  However, while the name suggests its a sock yarn it also makes stunning shawls or light garments.  Once my crochet skills have improved I would love to have a go at one of the designs in the Shawl Project with one of the semi solid shades. 
Planum Sock
To celebrate all things British and Socktober The Knitting Goddess and BritYarn are delighted to announce the 'The Absolutely British Britsock' competition.  To enter all you have to do is think of a colourway name and suggest 3 - 4 colours which relate to that name.  The names need to be something typically British.  It might be a traditionally British food, a catchphrase, place or event. All entries need to be made over in the competition Ravelry thread in the BritYarn Ravelry group.  The competition will close at Midnight GMT on 31st October 2015.
Joy and myself will have the hard job of picking a winner.  Joy will then turn the winning entry into a one off colourway.  The winner will receive a skein of Britsock dyed up in their winning name and colours and the remaining skeins will be popped into the BritYarn shop.   

Indian Summer Self Stripe

UPDATE: 12th October 2015.  The Britsock base is changing and Joy has wrote about it here. I can honestly say that I cannot feel or see any difference between the old and the new base. 

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